If you are new on Instagram or do not know how to get visibility, traction, and/or followers, this article may help you accelerate your account and run it as a business.

5 Tips to help you being successful on Instagram

1. Choose the right time to post

Dali artwork instagram

It is one of the first rule if you want to increase your visibility. Be careful at which time and which day. People during the week tends to have a look during working hours. Best time is from 10 AM to 5 PM. Before and after people are too busy to have time to look at your awesome post… Do not post on Friday and Saturday night, people (you included) have better to do.    The most active day is Monday, the bad one is Sunday.

2. Everything is in the description

Hashtag someecards Instagram

Using a lot of hashtags relied to your post will give visibility to it. They have to be pertinent, related to the picture and to your art.  Don’t post too much, just enough to be seen. This way you will be identified in a community and people who share the same interest will find you easier.

Without hashtag you are nothing. Think about it.

3. Find your audience

Tips instagram success

 Figure out what you will post on it and stick to it. It will help you to find your right audience. Do not post everything on it. Choose a theme or to expose either your life, your work but do not mix everything. People will get lost and they will leave you alone in this web jungle. Keep in mind that your Instagram reflects the artist you are.

4. You need to know how to give and to receive

Banksy Nobody likes you

Like too a lot of similar posts and answer to the comments on your pictures, it will make the consumer feel attached to you. To have a community you first have to take part in one so, comment, share, like and people will do the same in return.

Like the pictures using the same hashtag for example or follow other artists.

5. Love your followers and show them

Thank-you giveaway

Just thank your audience at some important event (Christmas, Halloween, Valentines’ day…) or because you reached a specific number of follower, or just for the pleasure because everyone love giveaways. Likes and shares do not count, obviously.

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