Behind the facade of Ivan Pili

Behind the facade of Ivan Pili

Ivan Pili was born in Cagliari (Italy) in 1976. As many talented people, his artistic skills emerged from the earliest age, first on the kindergarten benches and then manifested themselves in his early portraiture works at the age of 9 years.
The competitive nature of Ivan led him to follow his own path, “absorbing” the peculiarities of the artists he met but creating his own style.

“Esmerald Eyes”

When did you began to work as an artist?

I started working in February 2015. I’m a neophyte, before I was a musician but then, by random circumstances, I approached painting. It all went so fast, that I am still confused today.

“Behind friendly lines”

What are you sources of inspiration? Your favourite artist?

Surely Caravaggio has enlightened me. But maybe I don’t have any sources of inspiration: I have two wonderful daughters who represent the vital lymph for me. I’m their hero, so I don’t have to disappoint them. Yes, my daughters are my greatest strength and inspiration.

“Do you play hide and seek?”

Women beauty and sensuality seem as an important source of inspiration for you, can you tell us more about it?

I don’t have sisters but I have so many cousins. Ever since I was a kid, they were my guide, they contributed to my personal training and they’ve always been close to me.


Your paintings are incredibly similar to photographs, what are your methods to get such and amazing result?

Unfortunately I have no methods, but I have some talents. I also wonder how I can get such results: it’s a gift, it’s a talent. I first imagine the image in my head; When it is clear, well finished, then I do it on the canvas. But when I carry it on the canvas, it means that it is clear and without flaws in my head. I am still young, so I don’t know many techniques but only passion and talent.

“Waiting for Spring”

Your paintings are your speciality, do you have other ways of expressing your art ?

My first art is music. Unfortunately I had some health problems and I had to abandon the music momentarily. That’s why the idea of painting was born. I also love working wood, I’m a carpenter’s son.

“Freedom #2”

What feeling do you want to raise in people’s mind across your work ?

I come from a very poor reality. I have always lived with little things and would like to continue to live these emotions. I believe that only those who have known real love in small things can generate emotions.

I just want to send a message, a small message with my artworks. But I’m grateful to know that my artworks generate strong emotions.

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Do you have artistic projects on the run or for the future ?

I don’t know. I have been lucky to live day by day without any expectation … and I came here from nothing. Surely tomorrow there will be a different Ivan, a more evolved Ivan, but Ivan is in the hands of God. Only God knows what instrument he wants to do to me.

“I don’t see you, I see you …”

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Alex Senna

“I spend a lot of time of my life drawing, I was already doing something when I was a kid, but I guess I became an artist when I quit my job. it was a tough decision.”

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A visit in Arken Museum

If you are interested in contemporary art, you definitly have to visit the Arken Museum. The permanent collection and the exhibitions are varied and will make you discover new artists.

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My work is based on how I have come to see the world. The animals represent emotions I go through on my own journey – some are big and wild, others almost not noticeable.

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Incarnations #009 (Paradigm), 2012

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I feel weird by saying that I have always been interested in art. I’ve been into art for as far back as I can remember, having no idea why.

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