Behind The Scene Of the Artwork

On Sunday the 11th of june 2017 Artboost took you behind the scenes of some of the most amazing Danish artists. If you didn’t make it, this article will give you the insight, of what took place at this inspiring event. Keep on reading, and go behind the scenes of the artwork yourself!

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A visit in Glyptoteket

If you are interested about Danish and French culture, you should definitely go to the Glyptoteket and discover the artists who marked their era.

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A visit in Arken Museum

If you are interested in contemporary art, you definitly have to visit the Arken Museum. The permanent collection and the exhibitions are varied and will make you discover new artists.

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When you think of  Andy Warhol, you think about Pop – colorful paintings of Marilyn Monroe or Campbell cans – but you don’t really think of Christmas, but Andy Warhol really loved Christmas, and why wouldn’t he, if its one, if not the most, Pop-ish holidays in the whole world, especially in such a pop and universally known place like America. Christmas represented him, representing the pop culture, being at the same time a materialistic and universal holiday, with so many kitsch and sacred elements.

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Art history

Art map, Europe

To celebrate the diversity of art throughout history and across borders, we at the Artboost News HQ have made a little something for you all.

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